UK Eurovision 2015 – Learn From The Past


The UK is about to announce its entry for Eurovision at the weekend. Let’s hope they get it right this year but even if they do, the voting is still all a bit crazy sometimes. If I could re-enter a previous UK song by means of a mix-tape – who would be on it?

We Will Be Free (Lonely Symphony)

Frances Ruffelle performed a brilliant song and was just too cool for school.

Love Shine A Light

Katrina & The Waves won – enough said!

Better The Devil You Know

Sonia was robbed! It came down to the final vote and sadly it wasn’t to be.

Give A Little Love Back To The World

Awww, big haired Emma. This song, however vomit inducing, will always be a favourite of mine as it was my first ever Eurovision.

Ooh Ahh…Just A Little Bit

Perhaps one of the most successful entry from the UK in recent years and certainly the most bouncy!

  What about you? What songs would be on your mix-tape?

OMG – Pft me…


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