Ekkoes3Ekkoes are a three piece electro-pop band from London, formed originally by Jon Beck (vocals) and Dave Fawbert (keyboards, guitar).  The pair have been writing and performing together for 18 months, and had made a name for themselves as remixers for artists such as Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, Marsheaux, Sykur, British Electric Foundation among others.  The focus has now shifted to their own music, and with the addition of Limerick-born Rosalee O’Connell on joint lead vocals, they’ve found their sound has also changed somewhat.

Having a style which is on the one hand 80s influenced (there’s a lot of Pet Shop Boys to be heard in “Fight The Feeling”) and on the other quite contemporary, Ekkoes are a band with a great future ahead of them.  We had the privilege of seeing and hearing them at Bloomsbury Lanes on Friday night.

A high energy performance that got the audience onto their feet, Ekkoes opened with a magnificent cover of Laura Brannigan’s “Self Control”: instantly recognisable and yet at the same time with their own spin on it.  This was followed by “You Just Walked Away”, their new single.  Again, the 80s is very much in this song – strong drum beats and synth, with a really lovely bridge where Rosaleen takes up the harmony perfectly behind Jon.

Following with “Heaven”, they then led into “Last Breath”.  Released last October, it tells the Romeo and Juliet story of Romanian poets Veronica Micle and Mihai Eminescu.  Eminescu committed suicide in 1893, leaving Micle distraught.  She retired to a remote monastery where she also took her life, 3 months later.  They’re iconic romantic figures in Romanian literature, and the song with it’s refrain of, “it’s too late to say you’re sorry now” is haunting and poignant.

After “One More Night” Ekkoes wound up the evening with the previously mentioned “Fight The Feeling”.  The band kept up the high energy for the entire set, whilst maintaining strong vocals and close audience contact (Jon came off the stage and had a dance at one point).  Ekkoes are definitely one to look out for.

You can find Ekkoes on their website, Twitter, Facebook, YoutubeSoundcloud, Instagram, and Google+.

Watch “Last Breath”:

[youtube https://youtu.be/im2xZZilIXM]


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