“Life Goes On” – David Morin

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Canadian singer/songwriter David Morin gets our feet tapping with this funky soul number, “Life Goes On”.  Mastering his craft busking on the streets of his native Vancouver, the singer can make a lot of music using just a guitar and some synthesised beats.

It’s punchy and at the same time it’s mellow, a cornucopia of sounds taking your ears on a musical journey.  There’s hints of Boys II Men and Lighthouse Family, plus a bit of Bruno Mars and John Legend – but somehow he’s managed to pack the whole lot in and come up with something that’s as unique as it is familiar.

“Life Goes On”, to be released 2 March on Bombay Records, is the lead track from David’s upcoming debut album, “Every Colour”, due out later this year.  In talking about his songs, and the issues he covers, he says:

“People don’t even have a chance to realize what they’re up against when their born,

“You’re not given the tools to think critically enough; to gauge whether to make the right decisions or not. By the time you start thinking about those things, you’ve wasted so much time.”

Check out this video of David performing “Life Goes On” live in Vancouver last year:


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