Make Your Own Luck: Jedward Release Artwork


John and Edward yesterday released the artwork for the cover of their new single, “Make Your Own Luck”, which will be released on Friday 30 January.

It has an art deco, “Great Gatsby” feel about it, with the picture showing the twins (unusually in reverse order, with Edward on the left and John on the right) in a stylish playing card, with a Celtic style shamrock in the centre.

It’s hoped the accompanying video will be out this week, and from all reports, it’s the best one yet from the Dublin twins.  The song itself reminds us of Justin Timberlake, with the empowering lyrics about taking chances and striving to achieve your dreams giving it a Jedward spin.

Photo stills from the video have us intrigued as to what the storyline will be.  At first glance it appears John and Edward are living contrasting lives, with Edward in the height of luxury, and John seemingly living in either his car or a boathouse.  Other stills show John seemingly cleaning the floor with a toothbrush, and Edward living the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  We’re definitely looking forward to this!

 John Car MYOL

Edward Swimming MYOL

John Boat MYOL

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