Band Aid 30 Solo Versions?


It’s only been a few days since #BandAid30 released the latest version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” but now we are being told “wait there’s more!”

Usually, when these types of musical collaborations are put together, all the participating artists sing a full version of the song and then afterwards it’s decided which line from which artist will be used where in the final cut.

Bob Geldof, the mastermind behind all the Band Aid projects, has announced that solo versions of the song may now also be released.

I think this is a brilliant idea and it would be great to hear even more variations on a classic song. It would also make even more money for the charity because most people would want to buy the solo versions too.

It has made me wonder though – does this also mean that kicking around somewhere are other versions of the original? Is it possible we could hear Boy George singing the “famous Bono line” or even a full Bono solo version?

I’d be very interested in hearing that too – wouldn’t you?

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