Jedward Debut Ferocious Song

Jedward are Ferocious1

The dynamic duo from Dublin have certainly hit on a winner with self-penned song Ferocious, which they sang live for the first time on last night’s “The Saturday Night Show”, on Irish national broadcaster RTE.

The pair stunned the audience when they ran onto the stage in contrasting leather coats and John (burgundy coat) started singing:

I spotted your true colours
I saw through the disguise
I figure you’re a user
You’re only full of lies

Powerful words, with the song becoming even more powerful when Edward took up his first verse:

I’ve been through struggles
dodging knives thrown at me
Some people in the world
Don’t wan’t you to succeed

One can only guess at who or what they’re singing about here:

Now with pride
I’m standing like a lion
not caring what you say
Crawl away now you poison spider
don’t ever stand in my way

Ferocious is right! The new single is available to download now on iTunes, Amazon, HMV and 7Digital, with a release date of this coming Friday. John and Edward are having a brief tour of their native Ireland next weekend, to promote the new song. Very limited tickets are still available for the concerts in Dublin, Drogheda and Castlebar. Addiitionally the twins will be opening the new HMV store in Castlebar with a CD signing on Saturday.

Watch their performance (video courtesy of RTE):

Story by Lisa Hafey

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