Leona Lewis Reaches Out to Fans

Leona Lewis

XFactor winner Leona Lewis has written an open letter to her fans explaining her reasons for stepping away from Syco and Sony Music.

In it, the singer explains that, although she felt her future was secure within her contract, she was being asked to record music that she didn’t feel suitable.

Like many artists at the moment, Leona was finding the restrictions of a record label too hard to accept and has decided to go it alone.

It seems professional integrity is still important to a lot of artists. This is good news for all music lovers everywhere, but not for the major record labels, who appear to be losing their grip on the industry, as more and more high profile recording artists are doing it on their own,

And with music streaming sites and, in some countries, YouTube views counting towards the charts, hopefully the big radio stations, that have so much control over what we can and can’t hear, will follow, leaving room for more independent artists to be heard.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a huge shift in power back to the artist and, ultimately, the consumer.


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