It’s that time of year again……..


That’s right. X Factor 2014 will start airing on 30 August. Every year we say we’re not going to bother with it, but a month in and we’re all talking about the latest crop of X Factor contestants as though we know them personally.

By all accounts, this year’s show could be a real cracker. For a start, the panel has changed completely and in my opinion for the better. For 2014, we have Louis Walsh (good ole Louis), Mel B (She was a judge on America’s got talent and was known for her brash no nonsense approach), Cheryl Cole (claiming back her rightful place) and the one and only Simon Cowell (It really wasn’t the same after he left). Cheryl and Simon have a lot of history and of course Cheryl and Louis have never been BBFs, so overall it could make for some interesting viewing.

They will be keeping the double audition format from last year. The hopefuls will have to perform in front of the panel in a closed room and the more successful ones will audition again at the live shows. There is talk as well, that this year there will be a 5th judge on the live shows. They will supposedly mentor a category made up of wildcard acts who didn’t make the finals. This could be a good thing in my opinion because the judges would no longer be able to bring the decision to deadlock.

There could be some really good acts lined up for the live shows. There are rumours that Adele will be performing. Madonna and U2 both have new albums out at Christmas time so you never know. They might grace the X Factor stage with their presence.

And not forgetting about the Xtra Factor for all your post show gossip. Caroline Flack is gone and it will now be hosted by Sarah Jane Crawford.

So, all you X Factor fans – that’s your Saturday and Sunday nights taken care of until mid-November. Enjoy!

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