Introducing: Reverse Order

reverse-orderHailing from New Jersey, Reverse Order are a fresh-faced band who pack no punches.

Semi-finalists in America’s Got Talent in 2012, the pop/rock band formed in 2008, and comprise brothers John and Cruise Russo-Zirkel, Drew Katsock, and Frank Spangler. Drew is on lead guitar, Frank on bass, Cruise plays drums, and John guitar. John and Cruise also share lead vocals, with John writing most of the band’s songs.

Reverse Order’s sound is hard to describe. The strong bass and drums make every song something you want to dance to. There’s a feeling of having heard it before, but at the same time all their music is fresh and REAL. Reverse Order has a confidence in everything they do, so it’s little wonder their song “Go” (from their 2012 offering, “Right Now”) was nominated for a Grammy.

Their latest release, “Made in America”, is full of catchy hooks and infectious melodies. Standout songs would be “Everything Beautiful”, and “Our City”, their tribute to the Boston Marathon bombings last year. “Everything Beautiful” starts out sounding like a country song (very Keith Urban), but once the drums and guitars start up (not to mention the vocals) you remember this is a pop/rock band.

Check out the lyric video for the very moving “Our City”:

Please visit Reverse Order’s official website, where you can buy their merchandise. They can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube, with all their music available on iTunes.

Reverse Order are currently on tour across the US.

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