midfield workhorseNamed for their favourite footballers (“the no-flair, 110% for 90 minutes kinda guys”), Midfield Workhorse are anything but average.  Hailing from Kingston, Del, Dave, Rick and Andy are heavy on the guitars and strong on the vocals – not a bad thing.

Del and Dave came from (sadly departed)  mistakes.in.animation, while Andy continues to play bass in Tellison. Midfield Workhorse’s sound is reminiscent of Coldplay and Jetplane Landing, the latter of whom they supported last September in London.

Midfield Workhorse’s debut EP is out next month, and is tentatively entitled, “Great Bunch Of Lads All The Best”.  The lead song, “Lincolnshire Poacher” has been featured on BBC Introducing and Eagle3 Radio, resulting in Eagle playlisting them.

Catch Midfield Workhorse at The Old Ford, North Camp, on 18 July, followed by Guilfest on the 19th, where they’ll be taking to the Surrey Advertiser stage at about 10pm.  Tickets for Guilfest are available from their website.

Find Midfield Workhorse online on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Check out “Lincolnshire Poacher”:

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