X Factor Deja Vue

LW14  Ok, I know I was excited.  I know I made out the only thing anyone should be doing on a weekend night between now and Nov was watch the X Factor.   But then as I sat down eagerly on Sat night in front of the TV  with a bottle of wine and a box of Pringles, something happened.

 I realised I’d seen it all before.

There was the 2 hyperactive sisters who are incredibly annoying.  Hmmmm, alright they’re female, but why did I feel they were supposed to be a new version of Jedward?  Except, Jedward were just being themselves when they appeared back in 2009.  These girls were annoying alright, only because it was blatantly obvious they were putting it on.

There was a young Irish lad who was in love with Cheryl and of course sang a love song directly in to her face.  Yawn, that happens every year.

Then we had a girl auditioning who had  appeared on the show last year but didn’t make it to the live shows.  She was of course bloody amazing and made everyone cry.  I predicted that this would happen before she started singing.

And then we had the wierdos – bunched together – so we kinda knew what to expect.  There was one who was incredibly boring who just kept singing and wouldn’t leave.  Guess what? I didn’t find this entertaining either.  I wanted them to go more than the judges did.

There were 1 or 2 stand outs.  A very stylish girl who sang a jazzy classy type of song and an army officer who had a very distinctive voice.  But apart from them, I felt there was a distinct lack of talent.

Moving on to Sunday night.

Why was everybody auditioning so gloomy and lacking in personality?  Cue, a real nice guy turns up and makes the judges laugh.  The guy just bowled them over with his happy personality and they all put him through even though he didn’t bother to learn the lines of his song.  But I guess that’s what it’s all about.  Having a happy smile on your face.  Nothing to do with being a talented performer at all.

We had a few of the ones who think they can sing but can’t and they’re always hilarious.(well, the first 1 or 2 are anyway)

Then there was the Susan Boyle effect.  A guy comes out, looks and acts a bit strange.  We’re all supposed to think, here we go another one to laugh our socks off at.  But I’m wise to this one.  In this guy’s case, the fact that he was odd was being laid on thick. – he had a Mel B doll, his clothes were childish.  Another indicator that he wasn’t  just another fool was that there was a big long clip about him before he arrived in the audition room.  Again, I guessed he was going to be a belter and low and behold he launched in to a very accomplished version of ‘Who’s Loving You’ by Michael Jackson.

Finally, we had the girl who knew Simon Cowell, was once in one of his bands, had fallen on hard times and subsequently was here to audition for X Factor.  This made for cringey viewing as they refused to put her through.  Though my husband thought maybe she was being paid to appear……Some people are awful cynics!

Catch up next week for more caustic X Factor observations.

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Jedward and Tara Reid to Collaborate Again?

Twins and Tara1Is Tara Reid going to be in BFF Jedward’s next music video?

The Sharknado 2 actress got twitter all aflutter this morning when she tweeted that she’d been talking to the Dublin twins about a possible future collaboration.

Ever the tease, Tara refused to spill the beans:

If it is indeed a music video the trio are talking about, then it won’t be the first time Ms Reid has worked with the twins.  Way back in 2011, shortly after they all met on UK Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother, Tara featured in the video for John and Edward’s song, “Wow Oh Wow”.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch it!

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It’s that time of year again……..

Jill Corey [Misc.]That’s right.  X Factor 2014 will start airing on 30 August.  Every year we say we’re not going to bother with it, but a month in and we’re all talking about the latest crop of X Factor contestants as though we know them personally.

By all accounts, this year’s show could be a real cracker.  For a start, the panel has changed completely and in my opinion for the better.  For 2014, we have Louis Walsh (good ole Louis), Mel B (She was a judge on America’s got talent and was known for her brash no nonsense approach), Cheryl Cole (claiming back her rightful place) and the one and only Simon Cowell (It really wasn’t the same after he left).  Cheryl and Simon have a lot of history and of course Cheryl and Louis have never been BBFs, so overall it could make for some interesting viewing.

They will be keeping the double audition format from last year.  The hopefuls will have to perform in front of the panel in a closed room and the more successful ones will audition again at the live shows.  There is talk as well, that this year there will be a 5th judge on the live shows.  They will supposedly mentor a category made up of wildcard acts who didn’t make the finals.  This could be a good thing in my opinion because the judges would no longer be able to bring the decision to deadlock.

There could be some really good acts lined up for the live shows.  There are rumours that Adele will be performing.  Madonna and U2 both have new albums out at Christmas time so you never know.  They might grace the X Factor stage with their presence.

And not forgetting about the Xtra Factor for all your post show gossip.  Caroline Flack is gone and it will now be hosted by Sarah Jane Crawford.

So, all you X Factor fans – that’s your Saturday and Sunday nights taken care of until mid-November.  Enjoy!

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One Direction: A New Direction? Out Of The Limelight?

images(18) Rumour has it that One Direction are in trouble.

They are currently on tour in USA and seemingly Harry Styles is staying in a separate hotel from the rest of the lads.  There has been talk of Harry leaving the band to go solo recently.  Could this be the beginning of the end?  The boys have said they will definitely be staying together to release another 2 albums, so you could say fans don’t have to panic yet.

Ultimately though, when it comes to boy bands, there is always a newer fresher act waiting in the wings to push the current favourites off their pedestals.  This could be the band formed by Simon Cowell in this year’s X Factor.  He has put together a group from various contestants who didn’t make the cut on their own.  There are 8 lads in this new act and they are being tipped for greatness.


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Morrissey Announces European Tour

MorrisseyGet your gladioli ready, Morrissey has announced a European tour…but there may be a hitch.

Yes that’s right, the Manchester Moaner (okay we love him but we also love alliteration – and hey! It works!) says he’s boot ready to start his tour in Lisbon, Portugal on October 6, and finish on 29 November at London’s O2.


Morrissey recently split with his label, Harvest, and it’s not sure what this means for his new album “World Peace is None of Your Business”, which has been removed from iTunes and Amazon in the US, and also Spotify and Rdio. It seems it’s still available (at the moment) in the UK.

Check out Morrissey’s statement here.

So, in light of that, hopefully, fans of the man can see him at the following:

10/06 – Lisbon, PT @ Coliseum
10/13 – Rome, IT @ Atlantico
10/16 – Milan, IT @ Teatro Linear
10/17 – Bologna, IT @ Paladozza
10/19 – Pescara, IT @ Pala Gpii
10/21 – Florence, IT @ Obihall
10/22 – Padova, IT @ Geox Theater
10/24 – Vienna, AT @ Konzerthaus
11/05 – Hannover, DE @ Capitol
11/08 – Lund, SE @ Sparbank Arena
11/09 – Copenhagen, DK @ Falconer
11/11 – Goteborg, SE @ Lisebergshallen
11/13 – Stockholm, SE @ Hovet
11/19 – Warsaw, PL @ Stodola
11/21 – Krakow, PL @ Laznia Nowa
11/23 – Berlin, DE @ Columbiahalle
11/24 – Essen, DE @ Colosseum
11/29 – London, UK @ 02 Arena

No ticket details are as yet available.

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The 50 Faces of Louis Walsh

Many faced LWIt seems X Factor Judge, Louis Walsh has been upsetting Pop princess Cheryl Cole again!

This time Walsh, has caused offence to Cheryl, by telling an X Factor hopeful to “work on his faces” after giving a heartfelt performance.

Cheryl was quick to respond to Walsh by telling him to work on his own! To which he replied “I only have one”.  Cheryl couldn’t resist adding “Yeah, and the 50 others.”

It was previously reported that Cheryl wasn’t happy working with Walsh again, after her former band Girls Aloud, dropped him as manager for alleged mismanagement. It’s claimed Mel B has been forced to sit between the two, and the current status of their relationship is said to be “frosty.”

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Midfield Workhorse – Bunch of Damn Dogs EP Review

midfield workhorseMIDFIELD WORKHORSE

/ˈmɪd.fɪәld/ ˈwɜːkˌhɔːs/


1. a player active in the midfield, as in soccer, often playing both offensively and

defensively. usually possesses strong tackling and passing technique. often equally as

destructive as they are creative.

2. a band from Kingston, formed in 2013. equally as destructive as they are creative.

We’ve featured Midfield Workhorse on Essentially Pop before – their song “Lincolnshire Poacher” has a rocky sound-of-summer feel about it and was a big hit at their recent gig at Guilfest. Now the Kingston lads have released their first EP – “Bunch of Damn Dogs” and it’s no less impressive.

“Challenge Accepted” is next after lead song “Lincolnshire Poacher” and has all the strong guitar we’ve come to expect from the guys, reminding us (fondly) of so many rock bands of the 80s and 90s.  We hear hints (a little) 0f The Housemartins, early Oasis, and even Irish pop/rock group, Brian.  All good stuff!

Following on from this, we break into “Stolen Seconds”.  With a jarring, yet catchy guitar hook, and a thumping drumbeat, again we’re taken back to the late 80s. It’s not a bad thing.  It’s a song which screams to be performed live, and fans will no doubt lap it up.

“Bunch of Damn Dogs” is filled with soaring guitar riffs, and will be available on limited edition EP as well as through iTunes, and streamed through Spotify.

Catch Midfield Workhorse on 8th September at The Windmill, Brixton, and on 9th September  at The Boileroom, Guildford.  Both nights will also feature “twothirtytwo” and “Parachute For Gordo”.

For more details or to contact the band, they can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or email Del Noble.

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